Our windbells are a one-of-a-kind creation!  Made from decommissioned air tanks, our windbells make an extraordinary chime.  They are hand-cut and hand-painted for a unique look and sound.

The bells measure between 14-16 inches tall and have a diameter of 4 inches. On average they weigh between 7-8 pounds. Prices are between $60 and $80 for standard patterns, with custom work available on a quote basis. Some designs have custom color options.  Typically custom designs add $5-$10 dollars more. Custom lengths and ringers are again $5-$10. Discounts are available on purchases of 3 or more.

Check out the images below for your favorite (click [PREVIOUS] for additional pages of designs) or contact us to pick your own design and color scheme.  If you like what you see, pass it on! 

Some designs are available for sale on eBay. Check out the selection on our seller page, Vigil Farm LLC.

We can be reached at vigilfarm at hotmail dot com.  Thanks!

Below is a short video that demonstrates the variations in tones of the bells. Tones can vary based upon length, metal thickness in the original bottle and even paint. It does make each bell unique in its own way.

The woodwork is mostly on hold for right now as we are focused on the bells, but feel free to contact us regarding interest in custom work.